Allen is a native Long Islander who grew up in East Islip, He has lived in every town in Suffolk County and is now living at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. When asked why all he said was, Ya canít hit a moving target. At the young age of 2, Al was beat senseless by his dad with his Monkey, Zippie. Sometimes ya just never recover.

Allen has played bass in numerous bands over the years until one day joining with drummer eDDy  Mondini to form one of Long Islandís tighter and more potent rhythm sections. Itís all about the BassÖ. In the pocket baby!


Allen is a little paranoid; he is always looking behind himself and thinks he is being followed. When asked why he simply said, you would be paranoid too if everyone was out to get ya.

Favorite Color: Everything is Black & White to me!
Zodiac Sign:     Leo
Pet Peeves:      Writing bios, wasting time, Instruments with more then 4 strings
Hobbies:           Playing with computers, Web mastering, recording, writing software.

It's all about the Bass