Hey who knew...... at 13 years old Allen, Joe S and Lenny B. asked me to come by and sing some songs with their band. What a blast.... We could do no wrong and what fun. As time went on and  we started getting more serious. When we finally were old enough to drive, Allen (now Julio) and I made our way across the river and met the boys from Oakdale, Moose (Gary M.), Mike the Cap and little Bobby Jautze  (lets not forget him).  What could be better, we all became best friends and the fun only intensified.  We rocked hard for a couple of years, playing pretty steady at all the local bars and school events. Damn, life was good. Wayne, Conrad , Mario, George, Potter &  Buzzy just to name a few, were all people that helped make this journey possible. 

But shit happens and Life takes control. I married my high school sweetheart, raised a family and never looked back. My rock & Roll days were now over, for years I didn't even bring it up.


How can you really talk to someone and say yeah, I was the lead singer in a rock'n band. All my close friends that knew asked me to sing at their weddings and that always started the memories flowing. If nothing else, it always made me smile.




Then one cold December night a couple of years ago, Allen happens to wander into an open mic night at a club over in Miller Place. Well destiny prevailed that night as Allen and Mike the Cap re-connected after 30 years.  

Well  thanks to Mike the Cap,  he hooked me back up with Julio and Gunner (who rocks). We started making music again, its different but even better this time....no pressure...more fun and still friends.

`As time went on, the line up changed several times till we finally settled on the current line up of George, Allen and eDDy..




Favorite Color: Light blue
Zodiac Sign:  
Pet Peeves: People who donít try hard or meet their commitments
Hobbies: Fishing