Eddie Mondini was born in Brooklyn, and in the summer after 4th grade took up the trumpet. He was a natural; within two months he had learned to read music and play well enough to perform with the school band in a concert.
Eddie continued to play the trumpet through junior high, but his heart was set on the drums. Problem was that his music teacher wouldn’t let him make the switch, claiming he was too good to forsake the horn. But when Eddie moved to Long Island and Centereach, the jig was up and the gig was on. He quit the school band, bought a used drum set from a neighbor, and has been pounding out the beat ever since.


SEE -  I was young once

The drums must never stop.

Because when the drums stop there is a bass solo

Thirty years later, and he’s still pounding at the rate of more than 70 gigs a year. When he isn’t making a living at his successful tool rental business (his current trumpet, of sorts), Eddie spends all his free time playing in three bands, and getting work on the side as a sound man. A self-confessed drum addict, he remains grateful to his patient wife and family for supporting his habit.
Favorite Color Purple
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Pet Peeves Playing too loud (Except the bass, I love the bass LOUD) , anything that takes time away from playing drums
Hobbies Drums, sound, teaching music, staying mellow, avoiding any pretense of a home life, drag racing U-Haul trucks, and getting work as an extra in anthropoid-driven movies featuring Kevin as a stunt double.