Started with accordion lessons, so uncool, I abandoned that when asked to play bass for a close friend back in the early 70's or so, which led me to start playing guitar. Played in numerous Garage Bands thru the 70's in Queens. Put the Axes and the amps for sale, Tucked a Les Paul into Mama's basement and went into Musical hibernation in 1980, did the married, kids, minivan,  soccer field thing for 20 years....  amp in the attic and a Les Paul hanging by a tuning peg of a hook in the basement covering the water meter in beautiful Wantagh, Moving on with the twists and turns of Life I rediscovered my fingers and a yard sale strat (the Paul was UN playable by then and the amp attic amp didn't work. Off to Sunrise Guitars where I traded an bassman carcass for a Princeton Reverb and it started all over again. After reconnecting with a college pal to jam and revive my chops I landed a stint with an Allman Brothers tribute band, Brother Peach.  
2 years later and a little close to the new digs in Suffolk I wander into the Varietals world of Big Daddy and the Bulldogs, taking his commanding strengths in a new direction as Lead Guitar playing every week sometimes 4 gigs a weekend. Happily I made o number of new friends and a lot of mixing it up with an array of players from all levels . Rockin Rachels Las Vegas style Blues and showband. to name one.


Motu and the Roadhouse Jester's playing vintage freestyle blues, appearing on Motu's CD's as Lead and Rythym Guitar. Hosted numerous Jams. 

Played in Venues such as Geographically Diverse as the Lyons Den In NYC and Steven Talkhouse in Amagansett all the way North to Joyous Lake in Woodstock NY Opening For Todd Wolfe. Most recently in the Funk and Soul/Dance Band Funksun'l Freaks w June Eysel.

With Hundreds of Gigs under my belt I return to my roots to Join forces with Eddie Allen & Andy to Rock the house in style again. 


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